Windmill Farm

is situated in the small townland of Darver in County Louth, in the Northeast of Ireland.

Darver comes from the Gaelic word "Dairbhe" meaning "Oakwood". Originally this area was fully covered by ancient oak forests which contribute to the rich subsoil that exists today.


The Thornton family have worked this farm for several generations and today Raymond, Helen and their three sons continue to do so.

A new beginning!

The Thornton family were exploring various ideas to bring added value to their family farm before realising they possessed two of the best ingredients to make a world class vodka: outstanding potatoes and pure, clear water.

Premium quality Irish potatoes grown in the rich soil of the Northeast of Ireland and a supply of natural Irish spring water enriched and filtered by the soil and rock through which it flows.


The Thornton family want you to experience the purity of their land in the flavour of their vodka, which reflects the true quality and complexion of their ingredients.

Consumer research success!

With support and expertise from An Bord Bia a series of consumer research panels were conducted.

The Thorntons were seeking to confirm what they believed anecdotally to be true – that consumers were tiring of 'mainstream' vodka. The consumers they spoke to clearly supported that view and Darver Vodka was born.


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