This extraordinary spirit has its roots in opposing elements of nature.

From rows of delicate purple blossoms that conceal the rugged potatoes beneath, to the clear water that runs alongside the rich, dark soil, these elements combine to create a vodka that stands on its own: at once earthy and full-bodied, yet velvety smooth.

A tradition of excellence.

Just outside the village of Darver in County Louth, the Thornton family have been growing Ireland's best potatoes on their 400 acre farm for over half a century.

Experience the purity.


We make our vodka with our own potatoes and with water drawn from our own deep well, naturally filtered through limestone rock so it's always pure and fresh.

We use a bespoke process, distilling only once, to retain the distinctive character and warmth of our vodka. The result is a vodka like no other.

The Double Gold Award

Darver Vodka has already attracted one of the most prestigious accolades in the international spirits world. At the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Darver Vodka was honoured with a "double gold".

This accolade only goes to those vodkas that are rated as gold medal-worthy by unanimous decision of the judging panel. Winners of this competition are considered among the finest products in the world.


The Thornton family invites you to try Darver Vodka. Sip and savour, enjoy over ice, or use as a delicious base for cocktails.


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